I am the Mondern Day Warrior Princess

I wanted to let everyone get to know me a bit in my first post. I am a woman who, through a combination of choices and uncontrolable life events, has had to fight my way to become the woman I am today. I also love spending time with my brother’s children and family. *Note the baby in my arms is my niece, I sadly have not found a husband nor hand any children yet. I have my friends, family and God to thank for helping shape me into the person I am today.

My name on here is a combination of one of my favorite books and movie made from the book, “Sara Crewe”, which is the base for the book “A Little Princess,” and the movie. The movie has been made and remade multiple times and I like many of the movies. My Mom gave me her copy of Sara Crewe when I was young and I still have it sitting on my bookshelf today because I love the story so much. I like the book better than the movies, but the movies on their own are entertaining as well. In all of these the statement, though it might be slightly different depending on which you reference is “I am a princess. All girls are.” which is said by Sara Crewe.

The second part of my name is about how I am a warrior princess, I like to think of my self in many ways a Self Saving Princess. It also comes from my childhood nickname Zelda that is from Legend Of Zelda that was originally released on the NES in 1986. I don’t think women are above chivalry, or should get upset if a kind man opens a door for us, but I believe that women are able to do so much more than has been expected from us in the past. I also am a warrior because I deal with several chronic medical issues that have left me disabled. I had a choice to give up or to keep pushing on and I chose the latter, I fight everyday to keep going and to surviving. I hope to someday find my prince and once that happens I will have another person to fight beside me and help lift me up when I stuggle.

I am blessed to have a family who loves me and supports me through all of my ups and downs I have gone through in my life thus far. I am also blessed to have friends who accept me for the person I am, not expecting me to conform to what they think I should be. I sadly have lost friends to expectations and others to their own inabliltiy to accept me for me, including my perspective and beliefs.

I have some post planned to raise awareness for medical syndromes and diseases I find to be woefully misunderstood and/or rarely known by the majority of people. I like to also write about debatable topics and love to hear rebuttals from others. In addition to these topics I hope to also write about things going on in my life with hopes to share the joy, pains and lessons of Faith that come along with me growing a woman and a person.

I hope to meet others through this blog to be friends and also people who enjoy discussing topics so that we might both learn and grow together.

I look forward to reading comments, learning and finding other blogs to expand my mind and spirit with as well.