Ketamine Club

First rule of Ketamine Club:

You do not post on social media sites when under the influence of your Ketamine Infusion.

Second Rule of Ketamine Club:

You do not call or text anyone while under the influence of your Ketamine Infusion

Third Rule of Ketamine Club

You always share make use new members of Ketamine Club are told everything will be ok and to remember it is just the Ketamine when you have a bad hallucination/anxiety caused by the Ketamine. 

Fourth Rule of Ketamine Club:

You always take care of fellow members of Ketamine Club and check in with each other as often as possible.

Fifth Rule of Ketamine Club:

You always try to share understanding and educated others who are willing to learn about Ketamine Club.


Now for most people you don’t know what Ketamine is, why it is infused or what the heck is Ketamine Club.  I am happy for you, if you are not a member of Ketamine Club that means you don’t have chronic pain and have not reached the the point that high doses of Ketamine be infused into your body and/or take it orally between infusions to help control your choric pain.  I use Ketamine oral therapy and monthly infusions that are 4 hours a day for 4 days every 30 days.  My monthly infusion began on Monday this week and ends today at 5pm.  I am still a bit out of it from it, but I am at the very tired stage right now.  This month I have afternoon infusions that start at 1pm and end at 5pm.  You can read more about Ketamine Infusions on RSDHope’s website.  There are various ways to do the infusions and therapy, I already shared which type of ourpatient infusions I get.  I can’t wait for this to end and to start rejoining society again.  I know I need these infusions to function better through out the month with the joint benefit of daily oral Ketamine therapy 3 to 4 times a day depending on the amount of pain I am in.  This week of very difficult infusions make each month and my other medications work better to control the symoptoms that can also be found on RSD Hope’s web site, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, or the Mayo Clinic.  I am going to go back to following First Rule of Ketamine Club and go to bed and come back Friday night or Saturday when I am fully clear of the Ketamine infusion’s affects and more clear headed.  I suggest anyone interested in Invisible Illnesses/Disablities or Spoon Theory (the description of what is is like to have a chronic illness that may/may not be invisable) on the But You Don’t Look Sick