A Song for Those Who are Missing a Loved One This Christmas

I have  found this song to be so true in what it speaks of, this is my first Christmas since my Father died and it is really hard to get into the spirit.  
I know grief knows no timeline and all loved ones who have died know what I am speaking of that there are moments when all you want is that loved one there and also times when grief overwhelms no matter how much time has passed.  

I hope and pray all who have lost a love one that you keep the happy memories and try to focus on them. I know it is hard, but I pray that we can all find the strength. I know I find myself filled with memories of Christmas with my Dad and the joy, these still bring tears to my eyes because I miss him so much. I have found allowing myself to cry and to talk about those memories to be cathartic. I don’t know if everyone who has lost someone, no matter how long it has been since the loss, wants to talk about that person, but I find I do. I want people to bring my Dad up and share a happy memory or story because that keeps his memory alive in all of us who knew and loved him.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas (or as merry as it can be), Happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate this time of year. I hope everyone can find time to enjoy their friends, family, loved ones and even the spirit of the season.



6 thoughts on “A Song for Those Who are Missing a Loved One This Christmas

    • Thank you I appreciate your prayer. I have kept your family in my prayers since our last long communication. I’m glad that according to your blog you are all doing well and have continued to pray for Patrick’s safety as he serves this city. Your prayer is appreciated always.

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    • Thank you Wendell. I pray you also had happy Valentines Day, though mine is also belated. I appreciate the gift you are allowing me to use. I think I will print it out and frame it today since I look forward to its reminder. My room is full of Bible passages, poems that that remind me that those who have died before me, and have accepted God’s gift of eternal life, will be with me when I too am called home. Your poem is going to the section I have spread out near my bed, the burning pain, from my RSD/CRPS, I feel and causes many extra symptoms that make me tired easily. Your poem will join those so when the burning feeling feels like too much I will be reminded to use that feeling as inspiration to be a bright candle flame sharing God’s light to the Darkness in the world.


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