To all the wonderful People on WordPress:

I am so excited for all the people I met so far on here! I have found such loving, caring, Godly, like minded people here. I look forward to reading new posts day and night and am working on several of my own.
I hope my appointment tomorrow with my Pain Management Doctor will help me get started on my rapidly progressing deterioration of my fine motor skills and extreme joint pain I have experienced over the last 2 months.

I know that the cold weather coming to central Texas early is not helping, but since I am at the last known stage of RSD/CRPS (it is non leathal, just the last stage of one of my chronic pain syndromes. You can read about it onĀ RSDHope, I’m in stage 4.)

The friendship, kindness and fellowship I have found here do me good, better than some of my “controlled, triplicate” medications on somedays.

I hope to get some posts I have been working on published as soon as my mind clears up to some of the medications added to my previously 13 prescription medications. I have the week long stay I posted last time to thank for that.

In the interim I enjoy reading your posts and have been reading as many as I can. I am sorry if I ever ask you the same thing twice, I am on a medication called Ketamine in large doses and it affects my minds ability to transform short term memories to long term memories. This in addition to the other medications cause me to write or use a wrong word that is some how associated with the intended word or phrase.

I am praying all of you are doing well and hope to post soon and continue to build friendships and relationships on here as time passes.

With love, care and prayer,
-Modern Day Warrior Princess



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